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Stories on autism research.

Study on Motor Skills and Autism

Researchers Megan MacDonald and Catherine Lord have found that kids between ages 1 and 3 can be a whole year behind in fine motor skills (grasping, picking things up, holding a crayon). You can add this to the "duh" file including “Children with autism tend to have gut problems!” and “Children with autism tend to have problems writing!”


Genetic Test for Autism

Lineagan Labs has a $5000 genetic test that may help diagnose autism.


Sensory Integration Study Review Shows Ineffectiveness

University of Texas scientists reviewed 25 Sensory Integration studies and found there was no benefit to the therapy.


Opportunity to Participate in Parent Massage Study - Free Treatment for Participating Children

Western Oregon University’s (WOU) Teaching Research Institute (TRI) is currently recruiting children with autism under age six for a parent massage study. Participants are being recruited from the Portland, Salem, Albany/Corvallis, and Eugene areas, and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


40% Children 6-17 Receive Behavioral Intervention

About 40% of children ages 6-17 "who currently use selected health care services" receive behavioral intervention, according to a study sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health. Also included in the study were:

Social skills training - 58.79%
Speech or language therapy - 57.68%
Occupational therapy - 42.72%
Behavioral intervention or modification - 39.66%
Cognitive based therapy - 27.52%
Sensory integration therapy - 20.16%
Physical therapy - 17.84%
Complementary and alternative medicine - 17.35%


Autism Only 38% Tied to Genetics

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle that says:

Those rates, along with the expected rates scientists would find if autism was entirely genetic or entirely environmentally caused, were plugged into a mathematical equation, and researchers determined that only about 38 percent of autism risk could be tied to genetics.

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Writing Study Ties Autism To Motor-Skill Problems

An NPR Article indicates:

Many children with autism not only struggle with social skills and communication, they also have great difficulty with handwriting, according to a new study in the journal Neurology.


National Study of Vitamin/Mineral Supplement for Autism

Enrollment is underway for study at Arizona State University Parents and caregivers are invited to enroll individuals with autism to participate in a research study on of a new liquid Vitamin/Mineral Supplement. This study has been approved by the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at Arizona State University. Purpose: The Purpose of the study is to evaluate the possible effectiveness of a new vitamin/mineral supplement in reducing the symptoms of autism. This will be a national study for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders.


Student Research

GRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCHER at Alliant International University under the supervision of Dr. Alan Lincoln WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN A CONFIDENTIAL STUDY INVOLVING PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM Who can participate? - Biological mothers and/or fathers of children diagnosed with autism between ages 3 to 12 - Parents who are either married or living with a partner - Parents living in the same home as their child diagnosed with autism - Parents who only have one child diagnosed with autism - Parents who are not raising children with other ASD diagnoses,