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Oregon Autism Insurance Coverage Hearing 6/12

From Paul:

SB365 Hearing – Wednesday, 6/12/2013

The Autism Health Insurance Reform bill, SB365, has been scheduled for a hearing tomorrow, Wednesday 6/12/2013, in the Joint Committee On Ways and Means SubCommittee On Human Services. There won’t be a vote – yet – but this will be the first opportunity to discuss the cost of the measure. So far, from our informal discussions with the various government agencies, things are looking pretty good. If the hearing goes well, then we would expect another hearing within the next few days to cast an actual vote on the bill.
The hearing is of course open to the public, but we aren’t expecting an opportunity for the general public to testify; if you want to come, please let me know. It will be in the Capitol, Hearing Room F, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

ACTION: Ask your legislators to support SB365A!

The most important thing to do now is to contact your own legislators – again – to ask them to support Autism Health Insurance Reform. We need to encourage them to ask Ways and Means to support the bill, and to be ready to vote for it when it gets to the House and Senate floors in the very near future.

Autism Speaks has an easy tool that you can use to send a customized e-mail to your own legislators – I highly recommend it:

I have also included a sample e-mail message at bottom, if you prefer – but please personalize the message as much as possible, to show the impact that this issue has on you.
Thanks for your help!

Paul Terdal

Sample E-mail Message in support of SB365A – Autism Health Insurance Reform:
[Please feel free to modify this, or insert details about your own story]

To: Your own State Senator AND Representative. You can find their e-mail addresses at:

Subject: Please support SB365A – Autism Health Insurance Reform


Dear Senator (or Representative) (insert your Legislator's name here):

I am writing as your constituent urging you to support SB.365, the Autism Health Insurance Reform bill, so that Oregon kids with autism can get access through their health insurance to the treatments they need. The bill is scheduled to be heard this week in Ways and Means and then head quickly to the floor for a vote.
SB.365 would require health benefit plans, including private plans, PEBB, and OEBB, to pay for medically necessary, evidence-based treatment for patients with autism. It would also create a licensing board within the Oregon Health Licensing Agency for providers of applied behavior analysis therapy, to ensure that patients receive quality, effective treatment from capable providers.

[insert your own story here about how this has affected you or your family]

Every year, 600 more children are diagnosed with autism in Oregon. With effective, early intervention many of these children will be able to make substantial gains and require fewer services as they get older. Providing these individuals with the right care at the right time will save the state money.
Please support SB.365. Thank you.

Thank you for your support!

[add your name and physical mailing address]