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Autism Awareness

Stories on Autism Awareness.

Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders (OCASD) has released an update on grants that will be given to organization that can provide basic autism training, employment counselors, assessments, transition training, and alternative pathways.

Commission Update Vol. 1 2013

What is the Commission Update?


Bob's Red Mill Supports Autism by Turning Bridge Blue


"Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods of Milwaukie plans to light up downtown Portland’s Morrison Bridge this week in honor of Autism Speaks’ worldwide “Light It Up Blue” event."


Autism Rates Rise to 1 in 88

The word is out: autism rates have risen from 1 in 110 to 1 in 88. Some may find that frighteningly high. See


Joplin Town of 50,000 Gets $3 Million to Build Autism Center

Okay, so this article isn't about Oregon. But it does point out that Kathy Henley's dream of an autism center can happen. It happened in the small town of Joplin, MO - yes, the town devastated by a hurricane in 2011. This town of 50,000 received a 3 million dollar donation to rebuild their autism center.


Temple Grandin Speaks about Autism Label

Read the full story at:

As most people know, Temple Grandin is a high functioning adult with autism - with a twist: she has a PHD, has written several books, and is wildly popular. One reason could be just that - she is reasonable. Here are some excellent quotes from the article that might be helpful for newly diagnosed parents:


It's Autism Week at PBS

PBS NewsHour is giving a 6 part miniseries on autism hosted by Robert MacNeil, formerly of MacNeil/Lehrer Report. At 4pm each day you can tune into PBS to find the segment within the one hour show. The preview is located at:

You can see part 1 and part 2 (and future links for 3-6):


Ad Council Awareness Radio Spot

A newer ad on the radio has shown up that I think is one of the more effective ad spots I've heard yet from the Ad Council. It starts with a young boy saying he's never heard of autism to the same boy as a man just getting an autism diagnosis for his son. Maybe it is effective because it seems to hit home for me but it may not resonate as well with those without children with autism.


T.J. Max Collecting Donations for Autism Speaks and Research

Did you ever wonder why an autism organization didn't have nationwide fundraising efforts like the Multiple Sclerosis Association, Juvenile Diabetes Association, Children's Miracle Network and many others? Why big box stores didn't have huge drives to raise funds for autism? Well no more. I walked into the new T.J. Max store in Corvallis and low and behold they are pushing every single buyer to donate. My mouth almost fell on the floor. I couldn't help but donate $5 - I was proud. Our causes are finally making the big time.


OPB: Thinking Out Loud - Autism in Oregon Autism in Oregon Posted by Sarah Jane Rothenfluch on Thu, Jan 31 I'm the parent of a young child, and this is what could happen to me tonight: I put my one year old to bed and head out to the couch to watch a bit of television before I go to bed myself. ABC's premiering a new legal drama, Eli Stone -- perfect relaxation TV, I figure. Then the show starts and I discover this episode is focused on the link between autism and vaccinations. It is a fictional show, but still: fear strikes.


Autism Drama and News Report

An autism drama on ABC will cover the topic of an attorney that worked for a vaccine manufacturer that turns around and sues said manufacturer on behalf of a mother with a child with autism. Somehow thimerisol becomes "mercuritol." Oh the shame. GlaxoSmithKline actually commented that they hoped parents didn't stop vaccinating based on this fictional drama. Maybe GlaxoSmithKline should comment on independent studies they should be doing showing that vaccines are actually effective - and not harmful.