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Download Free Language Builder Cards & Data Sheets 1 year 5 months ago Heather, in general, the

Heather, in general, the schools are behind most other states. That said, ymmv, some like the schools, many do not. You'll want to join lists and facebook groups for a better answer.

Download Free Language Builder Cards & Data Sheets 1 year 7 months ago schools

Hello there, I am wondering if someone can give me some advise. My husband and I are thinking about moving to Oregon, but I am having a hard time figuring out if the public or private schools/programs are good. Our son is almost 15 and going into 10th grade. Here in Nebraska we had to put him in private school, but if the public schools have good programs we may go that rout. I will be searching some more, but can anyone give me personal experience? Do they have good programs? Where is the school? Do you know of a good private or public school? Thank you.

Support 3 years 6 months ago Hope this has helped

Also, you can join lists and network with people via email or here on this list.

Portland Autism Group 5 years 2 months ago Hi Jehmc,

Hi Jehmc,

I don't know of any special school in Beaverton. Eugene used to have just such a middle school but I believe budget cuts have shut it down. It was popular with parents.

Middle school is such a tough time for teens as it is - plus you mix in disability issues. I can only suggest you do the best you can as a parent to help your own child. If your child has horrible difficulties in the public school system, consider home schooling if that is even an option. Otherwise, you can help with social issues by reading up on Michelle Garcia Winner's curriculum to teach social skills. I like her stuff because sometimes you can check out the books at the library and her stuff is spelled out and easy to teach.

Academically, if you child struggles, you may want to consider SRA Direct Instruction curriculum. We had lots of luck with Essentials for Algebra. With just a little more math he passed the OAKS test! They also have really good reading curriculum, especially for comprehension - we are finishing SRA Corrective Reading Comprehension C.

I wish you good luck. If you have any specific questions you'll want to ask them in the forum area.


Portland Autism Group 5 years 2 months ago High functioning Autism school?

I live in Beaverton. Does anyone know of a high functioning (but highly sensitive) school for Autistic teens that is also tuition free? I am a college student, but mom of four. I have a highly sensitive 13 year old who struggles with social skills in the regular school district (middle school.)My child has been diagnosed with learning disabilities. I am in the process of having further testing done on her for spectrum disorder.