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Download Free Language Builder Cards & Data Sheets

Free Emotion Cards

Download 8 FREE emotion cards to use in your Autism Education program today by only giving us your name, email, and how you will use the cards. These include 2 happy, 2 sad, sad and selfish, happy and sharing, sleepy, and happy.

The newest addition to the popular Language Builder Series!! This 80-Card set helps students identify and discuss feelings and emotions. The set features a range of actors from 1 to 70 years old, and from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Half (40) of the images are taken with the models against a plain background, showing only the upper body and face. These pictures feature 8 different people whose facial expressions clearly depict each of 5 basic emotions:
Happy Sad Angry Surprised Disgusted

The remaining 40 cards portray people in realistic emotion-provoking situations and activities taken in natural settings and contexts. The represented scenarios invite discussion about a range of emotions, why the people may feel that way, and possible appropriate and inappropriate responses to these feelings.

For the convenience of the instructor, the back of each card is numbered, provides a label for the featured image, and lists suggested activities for which the card is targeted. The back of the cards with the realistic scenarios offer suggested questions and conversation starters.

FREE Data Sheets

An effective education program must continually be evaluated. The best way to make sure you know how well your child or student is progressing is by keeping good records. Sometimes there are many people working with a child, like parents, therapists and teachers. Keeping good records is a great way to make sure that everyone who spends time with a child is encouraging and reinforcing the same behaviors.

To help you make sure everyone knows how to do the activities and that they all keep accurate records, you can use Stages Learning Materials’ Activity Data Sheets. Each Activity Data Sheet gives condensed instructions for performing the activity, provides space to record the child’s performance, and has an area for notes. The data sheets are reproducible.

Free Language Builder Flash Cards

Download Free Language Builder Flash Cards

The most widely-used autism education picture cards!

The cards are perfect for teaching key language concepts to preschool age children, or children and adults with autism, developmental delay or speech/language delay. All Products in the Language Builder® Series were designed to specifically meet the needs of the individual with Autism. The Language Builder Series has become a staple in home and school programs around the world.

The 350-Card original Language Builder set includes stunning, child-pleasing images from 9 basic categories:

Animals Foods Vehicles
Clothing Toys Everyday Objects
Furniture Shapes Colors
Designed to teach:

Receptive Language ("show me the apple" "give me the book")
Expressive Language ("what is it?" "it's an apple!")
Matching Identical Cards
Matching Similar Cards
sorting into Categories
Adjectives, functions, storytelling, and more!


Hello there, I am wondering if someone can give me some advise. My husband and I are thinking about moving to Oregon, but I am having a hard time figuring out if the public or private schools/programs are good. Our son is almost 15 and going into 10th grade. Here in Nebraska we had to put him in private school, but if the public schools have good programs we may go that rout. I will be searching some more, but can anyone give me personal experience? Do they have good programs? Where is the school? Do you know of a good private or public school? Thank you.

Heather, in general, the schools are behind most other states. That said, ymmv, some like the schools, many do not. You'll want to join lists and facebook groups for a better answer.