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Temple Grandin Speaks about Autism Label

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As most people know, Temple Grandin is a high functioning adult with autism - with a twist: she has a PHD, has written several books, and is wildly popular. One reason could be just that - she is reasonable. Here are some excellent quotes from the article that might be helpful for newly diagnosed parents:

"If you have a kid (with autism) then you need services, and you need the label," Grandin said. "If [a person with autism] works in Silicon Valley, [he or she does not] want that label."

"The worst thing you can do for a child (with a learning disability) is to do nothing."

"Grandin said children with autism must be pushed outside of their comfort zones in order to turn a fixation into a profession. 'You have to stretch these kids,' Grandin said. 'If you don't stretch them, they won't accomplish anything.'