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Oregon Legislative Bills that May Affect Those with Autism

HB 2918: Health Benefit Plan Coverage of Pervasive Developmental Disorder: Requires health benefit plan to cover treatment of pervasive developmental disorder subject to same conditions as treatment of physical illness. HB 2406: Medicaid Waiver for Children: Creates Medically Involved Home-Care Program in Department of Human Services. Requires department to adopt criteria for program by rule. Requires Director of Human Services to seek necessary federal approval. Declares emergency, effective on passage. HB 2407: Family Opportunity Act: Expands definition of categorically needy persons eligible for medical assistance to include children with disabilities whose family income is no more than 300 percent of federal poverty guidelines. Authorizes Department of Human Services to impose premiums or cost-sharing for medical assistance provided to specified individuals. Imposes limits on premiums and cost-sharing. Creates Medicaid buy-in program for children with disabilities whose family income exceeds 300 percent of federal poverty guidelines. HB 3349 : Autism Scholarhsip Program By Representative FLORES -- Relating to students with autism. Establishes Autism Scholarship Program within Department of Education. Directs department to award scholarships to children with autism to attend public school outside of resident school district or nonpublic school. Directs Legislative Administration Committee to contract with researchers to conduct study of program. Allows department to use moneys from State School Fund for program. First applies to 2008-2009 school year. 03/12 (H) First reading. Referred to Speaker's desk. 03/16 (H) Referred to Education with subsequent referral to Ways and Means. html: