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Oregon Legislative Bill to Take Away Religious Exemption for Vaccinations

Oregon Senate Bill 132 appears to be put forth by the Senate Interim Committee on Health Care, Human Services and Rural Health Policy for Children First for Oregon.

It notes:

[If] the parent is declining one or more immunizations on behalf of the child. The form on which the statement is submitted must contain one of the following:
(A) A signature from a practitioner of the healing arts verifying that information about the risks and benefits of immunization has been provided to the parent; or
(B) A certificate that verifies the parent's completion of a vaccine educational module offered on the Internet and approved by the authority pursuant to rules adopted under ORS 433.273.

To track see:

The bill reads (as of 3/15):

If you are opposed to this bill, you might want to submit emails, phone calls and hand written letters to the Senators on the Senate Health Committee which speak specifically against this bill and it’s removal of the religious exemption language.

Below are the contact information for the Senators.

Chair, Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson phone 503-986-1725,
900 Court Street NE, S-413
Salem, Oregon 97301

Vice-Chair, Sen. Jeff Kruse, 503-986-1701,
900 Court Street NE, S-315
Salem, Oregon 97301

Sen. Tim Knopp, 503-986-1727,
900 Court Street NE, S-309
Salem, Oregon 97301

Sen. Chip Shields, 503-986-1722,
900 Court Street NE, S-421
Salem, Oregon 97301

Sen. Elisabeth Steiner Hayward, MD., 503-986-1717,
900 Court Street NE, S-215
Salem, Oregon 97301