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Notes from Autism Spectrum Disorder Day

I took some notes from the Autism Day at the Oregon State Capitol on April 29, 2009. Overall it was well worth the visit and time. Some specifics:

Katherine Weit did a great job with keeping the information flowing. She updated us on current bills:
1. HB 2009 Major health reform legislation. One of many such bills this legislative session
2. HB 2116 Health care for all children
3. HB 2144 Children's Wraparound
4. HB 2507 Creates an extended diploma, increases access to transition services
5. HB 2599 A Bullying legislation
6. HB 3000 Insurance mandate for ASb
7. HB 3466 bata base for law enforcement
8. SB 460 Birth Anomalies
9. HB 3001, 3003, 3018 Autism Package

Still alive are 3001-3003, 3018, 2599, 2116, 2144 & 3466.

Rep Buckley, co chair of Ways & Means Committee (money), presented on HB 3000. This bill will likely not make it but they might use it for future bills.

At the House Education Committee Public Meeting - Representative Gelser was chair. The committee heard from ODE folk and from parents of children with autism.


Hi Kathy,
Thanks for sharing the happenings in Salem!

The insurance mandate bill, HB 3000, is still very much alive and is currently in the House Rules Committee per ruling by the Speaker of the Oregon House on May 1.
Although there is lots of insurance legislation, and money is the big issue everywhere, the bill is not dead until it is either voted down or tabled. Some of the language could be amended to make passage more likely. There's still some probability that it can still make it to the floor of the House. A lot will depend on attention by the concerned constitutency and their registering their opinion with the House Rules Committee with a cc: to the Senate Health Care and Veterans' Affairs Committee and one's own legislators.

As perspective, the real costs of this coverage per policy in other states where the mandates have passed is very low (well below 1%), but the difference it has made in ability to access therapy and prevent family financial disaster and future societal cost has been immense.

Interestingly enough, this bill was seen as a probable slam-dunk by industry folk because of the momentum on addressing needed supports for families and the composition of both houses of the legislature. So it ain't over til it's over.

Take care

Regina Claypool-Frey
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