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A Note from Representative Gelser

I wrote my Representative asking her to support HB 3000 and received a very prompt and informative email back. I hope she doesn't mind that I pass it onto others that might benefit from the information (much of which is new to me - I really should keep up better).

Here is part of Rep. Gelser's email:

It's my understanding that HB 3000 will have a work session in the House Health Care Committee tomorrow, April 24th. (Although I also know that the fiscal statement is not completed at this time which means the committee cannot vote so it may be held over for another day.) I do not serve on this committee so I will not be voting on whether or not to move the bill forward. Therefore, I would encourage you to contact members of the health care committee to express your support for the bill.

As a side note, one of my priority bills during the 2007 session was HB 2918 which required insurance companies to cover treatment for developmental disabilities the same way they cover other illnesses. Although insurance companies have, as expected, created some ways to avoid coverage, on the whole this legislation has greatly increased treatment options for developmental disabilities.

Have you been invited to Autism Spectrum Disorder Lobby Day on April 29th? This is a day to meet other parents and advocates, get updated on legislation relating to ASD services, and meet with legislators. Also, the House Education Committee, which I chair, will hold a public hearing on autism services in our education system. From 1 - 2 pm we will hear testimony from invited guests from various fields of education to discuss available services. From 2 - 3 pm, the public can sign up to testify to the committee about personal experiences and/or their suggestions for improvements to education services.


Representative Sara Gelser
House District 16 (Philomath, Corvallis) Capitol Line: (503) 986-1416


I have a blogpost up on Autism Day at the Capitol, April 29
Some FYIs:
April 29 is Autism Day at the Capitol
Room 350 , 9:30AM-3:00PM
Rep. Chris Edwards (Eugene) is asking for RSVPs to make sure there are enough lunches and handouts
503-986-1414 or
There will be opportunity to meet with legislators, but appointments need to be arranged in advance

The issue on HB 2918 is that initially it was an autism spectrum disorder bill and included ABA. The final version that passed into law in 2007, expanded coverage to other disability groups (good), but removed ABA (uh-oh), leaving speech, OT and PT coverage (Thanks to Representative Gelser for her support of HB 2918!) .
HB 3000 adds back in the ABA coverage, and also specifies a mechanism for specifying the competencies of those delivering reimbursable services.
Highlights and text, as introduced, of HB 3000

HB 3000 has been carried over to Monday, April 27 (today) (there were a lot of bills in the 4/24 work session of the House Health Care Committee, and as noted by Rep. Gelser, the fiscal report has not yet been completed. This seemed to be the case for several bills in the 4/24 work session, and there were a slew carried over today.
There was a statement by the Chairman on 4/24 of an intention to send HB 3000 over to the Rules Committee

HB 3000 could still use letters and testimony to the members of the House Health Care Committee.
For more info, see
Parents Helping Parents webpage on HB 3000!helpgetinsurancecove...

Thanks, and take care!
Regina Claypool-Frey
Oregon Autism Insurance Reform
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This afternoon, 4/27/09, HB 3000 was referred to the House Rules Committee without recommendation. While not endorsed by the House Health Care Committee, the alternative was that they could have allowed the bill to die in committee today.
Blog post on the meeting and listing of the Rules Committee members

At this point, focus on HB 3000's fate shifts from the Health Care Committee to the Rules Committee

Regina Claypool-Frey
Oregon Autism Insurance Reform

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