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New study results increase demand for massage training classes

New Study Results Increase Demand for Training Classes
for an Effective Treatment for Autistic Children

When parents hear of something that has proven results for autistic children, they want to try it.

A research team at Western Oregon University led by Dr. Louisa Silva, a board-certified M.D., Chinese medical practitioner and university professor, has demonstrated the effectiveness of Qigong (Chee-gong) massage on children with autism. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy ( or has published the controlled study results.

Right now, there are not enough trained therapists to teach the methods that have the American Journal of Occupational therapy talking.

• This study indicates that the primary problem in autism is with a blockage of sensory information and, thus, an inability by the child to self-regulate. “Open the sensory pathways with Qigong massage and the child quickly begins to receive coherent data from the senses,” Dr. Silva said. “Soon thereafter, behavior and communication begin to develop more normally.” See live at
• A recent federally funded study found, “children receiving autistic diagnosis are one percent of all American children and one in 38, or 2.6% of all male children”.
• Because of the numbers of children diagnosed with autism, the Qigong Sensory Training Institute led by Dr. Silva, is providing training for professionals working with young children with autism. “In the past we have depended on grants to continue this work. Because of the rapidly growing numbers of children diagnosed with autism and the enormous need for trained professionals, we are now presenting the following, minimal fee courses for therapists and education for parents,” says Dr. Silva.

Through Western Oregon University

Qigong Sensory Training 1: Trainer Qigong and QST Dual Program

This training is for professionals working with young children with autism. Participants in this 5-month training will learn to train and support parents to give the Home Program (below), as well as learn trainer qigong, an important component in the QST dual intervention.

For more information, see:
Continuing Education Credits are available through Western Oregon University (For more information, see

Classes begin, October 2009 through February 2010; the first two days of training are in Salem, Oregon, while the rest of the training will be in Portland, Oregon, the course fee is $890

Qigong Sensory Training 2: Home Program

This training is for professionals working with young children with autism. Participants will leave this 3-day training with the materials and skills needed to train and support parents. Continuing Education Credits are available through Western Oregon University (For more information, see (

The 3 day classes are scheduled for October 10-12, 2009 and November 20-22, 2009 in Salem, Oregon, the course fee is $500.

The Qigong therapy involves parental participation. In order for the child to maintain their progress, the parent will need to administer the massage on a continuous basis so the following course is also being offered.


Qigong Sensory Training A: Home Program for Parents

This course is intended for parents/caregivers of children with autism who wish to begin the QST Home program with their child. Class size will be limited to 10-12 families. It consists of two days of training and is followed by four months of online support for parents. The course will give parents a solid grounding in the home massage program, as well as the opportunity for supervised massage of their child on three occasions over the two days. Additional topics important to the success of the Home program will be covered. For more information, see

The parents training courses are being held on October 17-18, 2009 in Salem, Oregon and December 5-6, 2009 in Portland, Oregon, the course fee is $540.



Dr. Louisa Silva received her Medical Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1979, her Master of Public Health degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2003, and has integrated Chinese Medicine into her practice since l990. Dr. Silva is a board certified fellow in the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. She is the lead researcher and trainer on the Qigong Sensory Training protocol and has been using this treatment method for 10 years.

Dr. Silva’s work has been further supported with a research fellowship from the Northwest Health Foundation. She has also presented the model to receptive medical audiences internationally, in London & Amsterdam. And her work is the subject of an upcoming Canadian video documentary.

The non-profit Qigong Sensory Training Institute, in collaboration with Western Oregon University, continues to expand training opportunities for therapists and interested parents. For more information, visit or for a demonstration visit