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NEW: Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder Report

The Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder Report to the Governor is completed and now available. Please visit the website or click on the link below:

The executive summary includes:

  1. Early identification of young children and the immediate provision of appropriate services.

    • Screen all Oregon children for ASD by their second birthday, and use a consistent process for the identification evaluation.
    • Support increased funding for Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education.
    • Support submission of legislation to create an ASD health insurance mandate to the Legislature during the 2011 session.
  2. Promote the collaboration and integration of services for individuals with ASD and their families by state and local agencies providing the services. Include individuals with autism and/or their families in collaborations

    • Support legislation requiring key state agencies to develop an interagency agreement on a specific action plan related to transition of youth from secondary education to adult services or continuing education.
    • Identify other specific opportunities where interagency collaboration will improve services for individuals with ASD and their families, including training opportunities across agencies.
    • Implement the Components of a Comprehensive ASD Program framework as described in diagram ED1, presented in the Education section of the report, to provide a more efficient, consistent delivery of evidence based interventions and practices across all education programs and staff.
  3. Promote the training of personnel throughout agencies, geographic areas, and areas of expertise to ensure that personnel are adequately trained and available throughout the state.

    • A consistent process will be developed to conduct a systems-wide needs assessment to determine what is available, what content is needed, and what is the best way to deliver the training (e.g. face to face, coaching, online).
    • As a first step of implementation, identify one single location for all agencies to post all trainings that are available.
  4. Extend the operation of the Oregon Commission for Autism Spectrum Disorder through 2015.

    • Support submission of legislation during the 2011 Oregon legislative session for the continuation of the Commission; and/or
    • Request that the Governor’s Executive Order be extended through a new Executive Order.