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Joplin Town of 50,000 Gets $3 Million to Build Autism Center

Okay, so this article isn't about Oregon. But it does point out that Kathy Henley's dream of an autism center can happen. It happened in the small town of Joplin, MO - yes, the town devastated by a hurricane in 2011. This town of 50,000 received a 3 million dollar donation to rebuild their autism center.

"The donation will permit the Ozark Center for Autism to place all of its services in a single, state-of-the-art location, including its diagnostic center, preschool, and kindergarten through 12th-grade classrooms.

The center also will feature mock rooms that replicate the home environment, a small theater, a kitchen for cooking classes and a multipurpose gymnasium."

Oregon needs to sit up and take note. We need one of these to attract doctors, behaviorists, specialty chefs, and other assorted specialists. Parents need ONE place to go for information.

Just sayin.