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FEAT of Oregon Announces Dissolution

Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Oregon (FEAT of Oregon) has announced their intent to dissolve the nonprofit corporation. According to their website, :
It is now March of 2007 and the Board here at FEAT of Oregon has tried everything possible to save FEAT. It has become apparent that nothing we do in these final hours can keep FEAT going, even at a lesser level of functioning. We are now going through the formal steps to dissolve FEAT or Oregon as a 501c3.
It is rather sad that they have chosen to give all materials to Washington state:
Most materials, cash, and some recent donations will be transferred to FEAT of Washington, which will also open their membership doors to Oregon parents. Several parents have already joined FEAT of Washington and we all wish them and the growing organization much success and well wishes.
The site claims they will direct parents to FEAT of Washington, which operates out of Seattle. This might be a difficult commute from some parents without means and time, especially parents in southern and eastern Oregon. Nevertheless, it is sad that Oregon parents and educators are losing a local provider of information, pressure to use scientifically validated educational methodologies, and trainings. Best wishes to the FEAT of Oregon board members and membership.


As a parent who doesn't live near the Washington border, I find it offensive that FEAT is giving all its resources to a group in another state. Why not bolster other Autism groups WITHIN our state?!?!? FEAT of WA will NOT advocate for Oregon. What about parents in Southern Oregon? Will FEAT of WA bring events down here? Would they be willing to change their name (and purpose) to FEAT of the Pacific NW? (I *could* support that) Otherwise, FEAT, join forces with the other OREGON groups like you should have long ago.