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Facebook and Autism

A really good article on issues and rules to teach when using facebook.

Handy rules from the article:

"1) A lot of people are on Facebook, but most of them don’t visit Facebook unless they want to share a photo, a video, or some news. Don’t take offense if you write someone a message and they don’t get back to you right away.

2) If you write a message to someone, don’t send another until they reply. If they don’t reply, assume they are busy and move on.

3) Some Facebook friends aren’t interested in hanging out. Sometimes they just want to see what everyone is doing, and that’s all.

4) Some people have a lot of Facebook friends that they don’t know at all! Don’t feel bad if you have fewer “friends” than them.

5) About friends. Most people have just a few close friends, the kind that stay in touch with you, no matter what. It’s better to meet friends like that in person–not on Facebook."