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Children’s Intensive In-home Services (CIIS) - What is it?

The Medically Involved program is part of the Oregon Developmental Disability Services Children’s Intensive In-Home Services Program. It was developed to provide flexible, family-friendly, culturally sensitive service choices that families need in order to support children who are significantly medically involved in their own home. It is designed to use State Resources more efficiently while providing fair, equitable services based on the needs of the child and family These children are those who demonstrate high care needs. They require a great deal of assistance for activities of daily living (ADLs), including dressing, bathing, and mobility. They are not as medically or technologically intense as those in the Medically Fragile Children’s Unit, but still require a great amount of time and effort for their care.The children in the Medically Involved program are generally children who: have chronic, intense disabilities; require a high level of care for their medical and ADL needs; are DD eligible; are Medicaid eligible. Children’s Intensive In-home Services helps families: support them in keeping their child home; coordinate government, community, medical and educational services; empower families to advocate for their child; pay for in-home daily services. Eligibility criteria include: age (birth through 18), chronic disability, DD eligible, Medicaid eligible For further information see As a note: I hear that there are about 100 families across the state that receive these funds that can go up to $4000 per month. CIIS is Oregon's version of the Katie Beckett Waiver. The small scope might be because most of our federal funds pay for the Oregon Health Plan to ensure health coverage for those that can't afford it.



There are 3 seperate programs under CIIS: Medically Fragile, Medically Involved, and Intensive Behavior. I have conducted eligibility assessments for almost 2 years for the Intensive Behavior program and am currently conducting eligibility assessments for the new Medically Involved Children's Program waiver program (although loosely similar, it is not like the Katie Beckett waiver). Please refer to the website that is listed as this has the most up to date information for all 3 programs (ie a child does NOT need to be DD eligible to be referred to the Medically Involved or Medically Fragile programs, only Intensive Behavior. It can get a bit confusing, so please give us a call and ask for might have a child, or know a family whose child could be eligible for one of these programs. Thank you! January Crane 971-673-2981