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Bridgeway House Looking to Expand Across Oregon

An interesting story on Bridgeway House's desire to expand across Oregon. Of interest is the fact that they actually want to serve Oregon, not the state of Portland:

The center started in Eugene five years ago, opened another center in Baker and has set up administrative headquarters in Talent while it looks for a local home, said its president for Southern Oregon, Janel Salazar.

And look! They support behavioral services:

The nonprofit agency will offer behavior and language interventions, social skills and groups and academic services for ASD (autism spectrum disorder) in one location, with professional clinics and education available internally and through outreach, according to its announcement. It will also provide support and instruction for families.

Mentioned is the magic 40 hour a week treatment, often touted by behaviorists:

"The need here is tremendous and services are poor at best, because of state funding cuts," said Bridgeport South executive director Frank Liva. "Children need as much intervention as possible before age 5. They need 30 to 40 hours a week and are lucky to get five — and that's inadequate and very frustrating for parents."

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