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Behavior Analysts Rebell Against Board of Examiners of Psychologists in WV

Some time ago, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), changed requirements for Associate Behavior Analysts (BCABA). It required them to have supervision by a full Behavior Analyst (BCBA). This is why I dropped my certification after paying $6000 and spending a year and a half getting certified.

The tables have turned in the state of West Virginia. Along came the Psychologist Board of Examiners which tries to co-opt the BCBA's by requiring they gain supervision by a licensed psychologist. You see, BCBAs are certified, the psychologists are licensed. Most insurance companies require licensed individuals to provide services.

"Scarbro-McLaury claims she and other behavior analysts were harmed by the board's actions in that they are no longer permitted to practice their profession without supervision of a licensed psychologist."

Although this sounds good on the face, the problem is there may not be enough psychologists to do supervision, psychologists may have no experience or competence in behavior analysis, and supervision costs money.

In the state of Oregon, we have very few BCBAs, let alone BCBAs that are willing to do supervision over BCABAs. Although you are allowed to do Skype, this is simply not the same. In addition, not all BCBAs practice behavior analysis the same way - they all have their leanings (social play, verbal behavior, lovaas, etc.). Finding a compatible supervisory BCBA can be difficult, if not impossible. In addition, BCABAs are generally not the highest paid so requiring payment to a BCBA can become severely burdensome.