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Autism Drama and News Report

An autism drama on ABC will cover the topic of an attorney that worked for a vaccine manufacturer that turns around and sues said manufacturer on behalf of a mother with a child with autism. Somehow thimerisol becomes "mercuritol." Oh the shame. GlaxoSmithKline actually commented that they hoped parents didn't stop vaccinating based on this fictional drama. Maybe GlaxoSmithKline should comment on independent studies they should be doing showing that vaccines are actually effective - and not harmful. Also on ABC will be a Nightline episode entitled "Girls with Autism" to air Wednesday, January 23rd at 11:35pm ET/PT time. The show covers the rarity of girls with autism as opposed to boys and goes further to discuss the differences between the expectations of girls and boys growing up and how that affects girls with autism.



Hi, I'm the reporter behind the story posted below. I would like to talk to someone about the controversy surrounding the Eli Stone show. We know how many pediatricians feel, but I'd like to hear from someone in the autism community. Is there anyone out there who could answer a few questions for me? Sincerely, Angelica Thornton KATU News athornton at katu (dot] com

Hi Angelica, You've got several different types of parents in the autism community. Some will rabidly defend that vaccines cause autism. Some think there isn't enough evidence to show that vaccines DON'T cause autism. Some think vaccines are safe. And some are simply clueless. Here are some lists you can get answers from: I'll forward your message to those groups and others and they can reply to you directly. I've obfuscated your email in your post on this website so that you don't get spam. Thanks, Kathy