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Autism Awareness

Stories on Autism Awareness.

Autism Epidemic Continues

According to the Vaccine Autoimmune Project for Research and Education (VAP) website, the autism epidemic continues in Oregon:
The latest figures ending December 1, 2006 (2006/2007) show that the autism epidemic is still on the upsurge in NJ, MN, and OR. Oregon ---------------------------- 2005/2006 (1) OR , ages 6-21 4,810 OR , ages 3-5 782 2006/2007 (4) OR , ages 6-21 5,459 (increase of 649 children) OR , ages 3-5 848 (increase of 66 children) Sources


Autism Society of Oregon Walkathon - April 22nd

Mark your calendar and show your support; WALK on APRIL 22ND AT OAKS PARK. For more information visit April is Autism Awareness Month - many other activies are planned. Visit the Oregon chapter of the Autism Society at