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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Stories on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Free Online Videos from Dan Marino Foundation's

Regina came across some great videos that are available for free on This website was created from Dan Marino's Foundation and you can tell it has some time, energy, and money behind it. This link is a short workshop by Dr. Vince Carbone: This is one on how to select ABA service providers:

NPR Story on Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism

Story. A very concise article and sound podcast on NPR depicting the effectiveness yet reluctance by insurance companies to cover applied behavior analysis (ABA). The family sued the state to cover ABA under insurance.
But despite the potential of the treatment, the insurance company said they would not cover the costs.
They won - twice:


Precision Teaching Videos & Information

Precision teaching (PT) is a precise and systematic method of evaluating instructional tactics and curricula. It is one of the few quantitative analyses of behavior forms of applied behavior analysis. It comes from a very strong quantitative scientific basis and was pioneered by Ogden Lindsley in the 1960s based largely on Skinner's operant conditioning. Precision teaching is a type of programmed instruction that focuses heavily on frequency as its main datum.

FEAT of Oregon Announces Dissolution

Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Oregon (FEAT of Oregon) has announced their intent to dissolve the nonprofit corporation. According to their website, :
It is now March of 2007 and the Board here at FEAT of Oregon has tried everything possible to save FEAT. It has become apparent that nothing we do in these final hours can keep FEAT going, even at a lesser level of functioning. We are now going through the formal steps to dissolve FEAT or Oregon as a 501c3.

How to Spot a Competent ABA Provider

The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies has written guidelines for those of us using Applied Behavior Analysis services from professional in the field. The Autism Special Interest Group (SIG) recommends: 1. Certified Behavior Analysts 2. People with one year or 1000 of hands-on experience under the supervision of a BCBA 3. Additional training and supervision Not much but a good, general guideline.

Canada's Debate: Public vs Private Schools

A model exists in Carson Graham Secondary School in Canada using a language-based ABA classroom based on the principles of Verbal Behavior. Currently, they have 16 students in the "Functional Skills" program - in which students