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ACTION: CALL House Rules Committee! THIS WEEK HB 3000 may have hearing in Rules

An ACTION ALERT from Autism Votes to CALL
the members of the Oregon House Rules Committee.

" is possible that HB 3000 [the autism insurance reform bill] will be heard in the Oregon House Rules Committee THIS WEEK. We need to refresh our Representatives' minds about autism insurance reform and ask them to vote YES on HB 3000..."

See full message below for phone numbers and followup.
(For more info on HB 3000, see Oregon Autism Insurance Reform Blog on HB 3000 and Autism Votes Oregon page )
5/19/09 Autism Votes... It's time for lawmakers to listen.

Dear Oregon Autism Advocate,

It has been a while since we sent out a reminder but we just heard that it is possible that HB 3000 will be heard in the Rules Committee this week. We need to refresh our Representatives minds about autism insurance reform and ask them to vote YES on HB 3000.

We must pass the Rules Committee and then HB 3000 is on it's way to the House floor for a vote and one step closer to becoming a law! If the bill does not get out of the Rules Committee, we will not be able to get appropriate coverage for our children until the next session in 2011.

We need your help to make some noise and let the committee know how very much you want this bill to pass on through the legislative process! They are hearing from the insurance companies...they need to hear from you!

Here is How You Can Help:

1. CONTACT THE MEMBERS OF THE RULES COMMITTEE AND ASK THEM TO VOTE YES FOR HB 3000! We need you to contact the following people each day until we tell you to stop and ask them to vote YES on HB 3000. If you are a constituent, be sure to let them know.

> CALL THE MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE! Calls are way more important than emails. They need to hear your voices and we need their phones ringing off the hook!

Representative Arnie Roblan, Chair - 503-986-1409
Representative Vicki Berger - 503-986-1420
Representative Chris Edwards - 503-986-1414
Representative Bill Garrard - 503-986-1456
Representative Sara Gelser - 503-986-1416
Representative Bob Jenson - 503-986-1458
Representative Mary Nolan - 503-986-1436
Representative Tobias Read - 503-986-1427

Not sure what to say? It's easy! Just say:

"Hi! My name is _________________________. I am calling to ask Representative _____________ to vote YES on HB 3000 and to allow HB 3000 to go to the House Floor for a vote. Thank you so much!"

> CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW UP YOUR CALL WITH AN EMAIL TO ALL COMMITTEE MEMBERS! You don't need to know their email addresses, our system will send the email for you. It's easy!

2. MULTIPLY YOUR EFFORTS BY RECRUITING 20 PEOPLE YOU KNOW TO CALL TOO -- JUST FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO THEM! We need to multiply our grassroots efforts exponentially over the course of the next few days and generate thousands of calls. Please forward this to anyone who can help make calls to the committee to ask them to vote YES for HB 3000. They do not have to have a child with autism to be supportive! Think outside the box to neighbors, family members, friends, coworkers - anyone you know who lives in Oregon who would make these calls for your child.

For more information on HB 3000 visit!

Keep dialing Oregon. Let's get this done for our kids this year!

Thank you!

Shelley Hendrix
Director of State Advocacy Relations
Autism Speaks