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ACTION ALERT: The time to act on HB 3000 is NOW!

Dear Oregon Autism Families and Advocates,

Our state of Oregon has a legislative session every two years.
This Spring, states all around us -

* New Mexico,
* Montana,
* Colorado and, as recently as this past weekend,
* Nevada,

have passed autism insurance reform legislation to provide their states' children with autism access to therapy coverage through health insurance. We can make this happen for our kids too but it'll take action by all of us to call Oregon House Rules Committee Chair Arnie Roblan and Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt!
Unless we get some significant traction on Oregon HB 3000 NOW, Oregon's children with autism will have to wait another two years before reform legislation can even be introduced again. HB 3000 provides coverage for medically necessary, evidence based therapies and treatments prescribed by your child's treating physician including ABA therapy, speech and OT.
TODAY is the moment to ACT to get HB 3000 out of the House Rules Committee and onto the floor of the Oregon House so that the legislative process can continue. It is very easy and only takes five minutes of your time each day--everyone's help is needed!


1. CONTACT HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN REPRESENTATIVE ARNIE ROBLAN AT 503-986-1409 and ask him to give HB 3000 priority for a hearing!
Not sure of what to say? Just say this:

"Hi, my name is _________________. I live in ______________, Oregon. I am calling to ask that you allow a hearing and vote on HB 3000, the autism insurance reform bill. Thank you so much."

2. CONTACT OREGON HOUSE SPEAKER DAVE HUNT AT 503-986-1200 and ask him to ask Chairman Roblan to hold a hearing for HB 3000.
Speaker Hunt pulled HB 3000 out of the House Health Committee and placed it in the Rules Committee on our behalf--he gave this bill a fighting chance when we needed it, but we might need his help again to keep it on the move!
Not sure of what to say? Just say this:

"Hi, my name is ______________. I live in __________, Oregon. I want to thank you for giving the autism insurance reform bill, HB 3000, a second chance to become a law this session. I am calling to ask you to please speak to Chairman Roblan of the Rules Committee and urge him to move HB 3000 to a hearing so that it can make its way to the House Floor for a vote. Thank you so much!"


Ask them to do the same thing and call Chairman Roblan and Speaker Hunt. They don't have to have a child with autism. They only need to be willing to help, able to dial a phone and say something along the lines of what we have posted above! Send the message to your child's teachers and therapists, your neighbors and coworkers, your family members and friends.

Your goal is to get this request into the hands of at least 20 people you know who will make the calls to support your family, your child and other Oregon children with autism!

For more information on HB 3000, visit

Happy Dialing! Thank you for your support of Oregon's children with autism!