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Autism Conference Portland


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Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel

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JANUARY 25-27, 2013 8-5pm The Seventh Annual ABAI Autism Conference will feature internationally famous speakers on topics developed specifically for parents of children with autism, practitioners and scientists. Additionally, poster sessions will offer conference attendees the opportunity to review the foremost autism research being conducted around the world. Attendees will also be able to visit a bookstore and exhibit booths throughout the event. ABAI is offering two 3-hour pre-conference workshops, titled (1) Easy, Everyday Treatment Procedures Parents Can Use Naturalistically to Teach Their Child with Autism and (2) Engaging Parents to Successfully Implement Behavioral Interventions at Home and in the Community. PRESENTERS: Parent advocate, Kammy Kramer! Henry Roane, Aubyn Stahmer, Jonathan Tarbox, Sharon Reeve, Marjorie Charlop, Bridget Taylor, Mark Durand, Peter Gerhardt, Travis Thompson and Cathleen Piazza. TOPICS: Naturalistic behavioral interv, Selecting the most appropriate intervention, Challenging behavior, Autism in Criminal justice, Generalization social &play skills, behavioral approach to perspective taking, brain imaging and autism subtypes, feeding probs, sleep probs, community participation & adult transition. Registration $99 for Parents.

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