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IEP for Child w/Peanut Allergy

Issue: 12 yr old child w/documented anaphylactic peanut allery (PTA). School District refuses to do 504 Plan and states that child is covered by IEP for LD. But, will not list PTA as disability on IEP...only passing comment in general section and continues to only produce minimum health plan. We want to list PTA as OHI. Looking for best way to frame issue. Do we go for separate 504 or continue w/push for IEP w/PTA listed as disability?





If a doctor signs a medical form stating the child has a definite life threatening allergy to peanuts, the district really should not have a problem doing a 504. That is what they are for. They are done for bee sting allergies so why not peanut allergies. All a 504 does is create a plan for the school staff to follow. OHI for a peanut allergy is not really a disability that requires specially designed instruction in the form of goals and objectives. So this shouldn't be an IEP issue. But it definitely could be a 504 plan.