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Therapist Contract

When you decide on a therapist, have a contract ready for her to examine and sign. This makes everything clear between both parties and will save you future anxiety. It is recommended that you cover the following:

1. A description of services
2. Procedure for missing a session
3. The number of hours per week they will be working
4. The length of time (months) of commit
5. Where the services will take place
6. The pay scale and the varying rates for therapy, meetings, and training if applicable
7. Performance review periods and pay raises
8. Travel expenses—will they be covered and how much?
9. Taxes. Will they be responsible for their own federal, state and Social Security taxes? Since the therapist is working for your family as an independent contractor, you’ll need to provide her with a 1099 each year covering all payments.
10. Confidentiality about therapy and your child