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Suggested Interview/Discussion Topics for Therapists

I. Information for Applicant
1. About child
2. Child’s program—home / school / community
3. Time commitment per week and length of involvement
4. Regular therapy and progress reviews
5. How program may evolve and change over time

II. Personal Information
1. Own car
2. Educational background and GPA
3. CPR/First Aid training
4. Experiences with children
5. References

III. Questions for Applicant
1. Motivation for doing this kind of work?
2. What do you do if the child bites or hits you?
3. How do you feel about being videotaped?
4. Have you changed a diaper?
5. How do you feel about bodily fluids?
6. Willing to train new therapists in the future?
7. Willing to attend training sessions, conferences etc.?
8. Willing to read recommended books, articles, etc.?
9. What do you think are primary responsibilities of a therapists are?
10. What type of activities would you do with a child of X age?
11. What would you do if a child wouldn’t eat a meal?
12. What do you do in an emergency if you couldn’t reach the parents?
13. What do you do when a child totally frustrates you?
14. How do you relax after a tough day?
15. How do you handle temper tantrum?
16. What are your favorite children’s books?
17. What kind of relationship do you want with the family?
18. What kind of boss do you work best with?
19. What are the important traits you think a therapist should have?
20. How do you describe your temperament?
21. In what ways do you think you’ll influence the child you work with?
22. How do you know it you are doing a good job?
23. How do you react to criticism from a supervisor?
24. What expectations do you have of the family?
25. What would you like to know about our child?
26. If you had $50 to spend on my child, how would you spend it?

IV. Applicants the Applicant’s Personality
1. Patience, compassion, calm, dependable
2. Friendly, fun
3. Difficult - cranky
4. Too eager to commit without knowledge of involvement
5. Responsible, dedicated attitude toward work
6. Willingness to learn and follow directions
7. Willingness to work in challenging environment
8. Belief that change is possible
9. Clear voice and speech articulation
10. Intuition of child’s needs and demeanor
11. How applicant interacts with the child
12. How applicant demonstrates simple task with a child as directed by parent

V. Scheduling, Pay and Other Issues
1. When are you available to work? How flexible?
2. Can you attend scheduled training session(s) and progress reviews?
3. Salary / taxes / insurance
4. Pay frequency
5. Do you bring meals or do we supply them?
6. How long would you like to be in this position? Long term plans?